Department of Physics

Year of Establishment June 1982
Number of Teachers 04 + 05 (CHB)
Number of Books in the Departmental Library 330
Number of Journals / Periodicals 06
Number of Computers with internet access 10
Other Equipments OHP 01, LCD Projector 01, Laser Printer 01, Scanner 01

About Department

The Department of Physics was established in June 1982 and PG in 1989. The Department also runs M.Phil and Ph.D. courses. The laboratory was recognized for research in the year 2006.The former Principal Prof. N. K. Patil (retd.) a faculty of Physics department laid down a strong foundation for research activities in the Department.

  • The Department is well known for its extensive research activities and has been identified as star performing department by the UGC under the CPE scheme 2006.
  • It is recognized as a center for research in North Maharashtra University region for facilities like Thin Film, Gas Sensors and Microwave Electronics. There are five well qualified and Experienced faculties.
  • The laboratories have been renovated with funds received from UGC under Basic Sciences Research Scheme.

Programmes offered

  • B.Sc. Physics

Teaching Staff

Dr. Madhukar D. Mahanubhav (M.Sc., Ph.D..)
Associate Professor and Head
Specialization : Materials Science
Experience : 29 Yrs
North Maharashtra University Recognized Research Guide
Dr. P. G. Kulkarni (M.Sc.,Ph.D.)
Associate Professor
Specialization : Microwave Electronics
Experience : 34 Yrs
North Maharashtra University Recognized Research Guide
Dr. Raghunath M Shewale (M.Sc.,Ph.D.)
Associate Professor
Specialization : Physics Education
Experience : 31 Yrs
North Maharashtra University Recognized Research Guide
Dr. Sunil S. Patil (M.Sc.,Ph.D.)
Associate Professor
Specialization : Materials Science
Experience : 29 Yrs
  Mr. S. D. Padavi (M.Sc.)
  Ms. K. A. Baviskar (M.Sc.)
  Ms. M. L. Sangtani (M.Sc.)
  Ms. R. V. Chaudhari (M.Sc., B.Ed.)
  Ms. M. S. Chaudhari (M.Sc.)
  Dr. Shantaram J. Mail (M.Sc.,Ph.D.)
  Dr. D. V. Ahire (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Retired on 30/04/2016
  Dr. Y. S. Dorik (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Retired on 31/05/2016


  • Dr. D. V. Ahire "Best Teacher award", NMU,Jalgaon, Aug. 2012
  • Dr. D. V. Ahire "Best Paper Presentation award Third Prize",International Conference, Feb. 2013
  • Dr. S. S. Patil "Best Paper Presentation award Third Prize", National Conference, Oct. 2012
  • Ms.Devyani Deore, Ist in University (Gold Medal), B.Sc. (Physics), 2012
  • Ms.Komal Arun Baviskar IInd in University, B.Sc. (Physics), 2012
  • Ms.Jagruti Vishwas Patil IInd in University, B.Sc. (Physics), 2015

Club \ Association

  • Welcome function for First year students
  • Guest Lectures
  • Educational Trips
  • Workshops
  • Poster Exhibitions
  • Farewell function for Final year students


Our Pride

Sr. No. Name of Alumni Work Position / Designation


Ms. Aseefa Bano M. Husain
Chancellor’s Award for the Best Student of NMU Jalgaon (2005-06)

Software Engineer, Cognizant Solutions, Ridgecrest, California


Mr. Punjabi Venkat Vijendra

Research Scholar, University of Atacama, Chile, South America


Dr. Patil Manisha

Software Architect, R/D Dept NICE IT Systems, Pune


Dr. Chaudhari Ajay Sudam

Professor (MPSC), Dept. of Physics, Govt. Institute of Sci. and Humanities, Amravati


Mr. Pawar Nitin Shivaji

Project Manager, WIPRO Technology, Pune


Ms. Patil Anita Shantaram

Vice Principal, Z. B. Patil Jr. College, Dhule


Mr. Kankhare Dipak Gokul

Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate, Thane


Mr. Sawant Amol Shivajirao

Advocate, High court, Aurangabad


Dr. Bhawar Rohini Laxman

U.G.C. Assistant Prof., S.P. Pune University, Pune


Dr. Chaudhari Laxman M

Associate Prof., Dept. of Physics, Wadia College, Pune


Mr. Brahmankar Shyam Nimba

Lecturer, Z. B. Patil Jr. College College, Dhule


Mr. Chauk Preetam Vishnu

Lecturer, Z. B. Patil Jr. College College, Dhule


Mr. Bhamare Kiran Nimbaji

S.D.E., BSNL, Dhule


Mr. Upkare Sandip V.

S.P.M., Mhasawad Post Office, Tal. Shahada , Dist. Nandurbar


Mr. Bagul Nandkishor U

Teacher, R. K. Chitale Madhymic Vidyalay, Dhule


Dr. Patil Avinash Arun

Associate Prof., R. C. Patel ACS College, Shirpur


Dr. Pathan Idris G.

Associate Prof., ACS College, Navapur


Mr.Borse Pravin Arvind

Lecturer, JaiHind Jr. College, Dhule


Mr.Sonawane Bipinchandra B.

Lecturer, JaiHind Jr. College, Dhule


Ms.Chaudhari Mandakini N.

Assistant Prof.,Arts and Sci. College, Kusumba


Mr. Shelar Vivek Bhatu

Intelligence Officer in State intelligence Office


Dr. Patil Sunil Ramdas

Assistant Prof., Dept.of Physics, COEP, Pune


Mr. Bagul Shanabhau Damu

Assistant Prof. Pratap College, Amalner


Mr. Pardeshi Nileshkumar M.

Assistant Prof., Modern College, Pune


Mr. Tele Prafulla Prakash

Lecturer, Govt. Polytechnic College, Gondia


Mr. Patil Nanaseb Madhukar

Regional Business Manager, Nagpur


Ms. Patil Ankita Durgaprasad

Trainee at TCS,Chennai


Mr. Deore Avinash Vasant

Ph.D. Research Associate, S. P. Pune University, Pune


Ms. More Supriya Eknath

Ph.D. Research  Associate S. P. Pune University, Pune


Mr. Mistri Chetan Dilip

Ph.D. Research  Student S. P. Pune University, Pune


Ms. Ansari Tabassum Salim

Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalay, Dhule


Ms. Patil Pallavi Narendr

Assistant Prof.,  ACS College, Erandol


Ms. Bhadane Yogita Bhausaheb

Sales Consultant, Navkar Hyundai, Dhule


Ph.D. Awarded

Name of the PhD scholar Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD
Mr. S. S. Patil Dr. P. H. Pawar Growth and Characterization of Thermal evaporated binary and ternary thin films of CdSe, CdTe and PbTe 2008 2013
Mr. S. M. Patil Dr. P. H. Pawar Structural, optical and photo electrical properties of Nano Crystaline Cde1-Xznxs Thin Films by Chemical Bath Deposition Techniques 2011 2015
Mrs. V. D. Ahire Dr. P. R. Chaudhari Study Of Dielectric And Emission Characteristics Of Dry And Wet Black Soils At Different microwave frequencies 2009 2013
Mr. S. J. Nandre  Dr. Shitole Sharda Jayantrao “Thermal, Optical and Electrical Properties of IInd and VIIIth group of some Gel Grown Iodates & Tartrate Crystals” 2009-10 2015
Mr. A. A. Patil Dr. D.V. Ahire Study of dielectric behaviour and emissivity of dry and wet red soils at different microwave frequencies  2009 2014
Mr. P. A. Bhadane Dr. P.G. Kulkarni Implementation of information system strategy to upgrade post graduate physics research 2011 2015
Mr. S. M. Sabnis Dr. P.G. Kulkarni Generic analysis and design approach in spray pyrolysis strategy for target fuel cell  2011 2015


Research Projects

Name of Principal Investigator Duration of project Name of the research  project Amount / Fund received Name of funding agency Year of sanction
Dr. D.V. Ahire and Dr. P.R. Chaudhari 2011-2014 "Dielectric model for Indian soils of  Five Different States" 1900000 Space              Applications Centre,  ISRO,  Ahmedabad 2011
Dr. M.D. Mahanubhav 2011-2013 Studies on gas sensing performance of  In2O3 thick films 150000 UGC 2011


Research Papers

Title of paper Name of the author/s Name of journal Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number
Simulation of Robatic Nozzle for angular spray deposition by spray pyrolysis technique Suhas M sabnis and Dr. P.G. Kulkarni International Journal On Advances in Management Technology and Engg. Sciences 2013-14  2249-7455
Spray coated in solar fuel cell technology using hydrogen as an alternative energy tool Suhas M Sabnis and Dr. P.G. Kulkarni International Journal ON Advances in Management Technology and Engg. Sciences. 2013-14  2249-7455
Understanding photoelectric effect:On line lab experiment through VP Lab simulation Experiment Prakash A Bhadane and Dr.P.G. Kulkarni International Journal ON Advances in Management Technology and Engg. Sciences 2013-14  2249-7455
Study of Quantum Tunnelling:A Novel study by virtual Lab experiment(JAVA) viable alternative therotical and experimental approach Prakash A Bhadane and Dr. P.G. Kulkarni International Journal On Advances in Management Technology and Engg.Sciences 2013-14  2249-7455
Structural and Transport properties of Sb2Te3 Thin Films for Nanostructured Thermoelectrics G.D.Deshmukh, S.S. Patil and P.H. Pawar Bionano Frontier 2015-16  0974-0678



Year Programme Name Number of Student Appeared Number of Students Passed Percentage of Passing


B.Sc. 18 15 83.33


B.Sc. 17 13 76.47


B.Sc. 28 24 85.71


B.Sc. 30 27 90.00


B.Sc. 29 18 62.07